E-Learning Samples

Articulate Example 1 – Course Rebuild – Diagnosing Asthma

This module provides an overview for diagnosing asthma and was converted from a PowerPoint presentation to include interactive components.

Articulate Example 2 – Course Rebuild – Inhaled Medication for Children with Asthma

This module provides an overview of different inhaled medications for asthma treatment. It was a rebuild of an earlier course version and updated to include current methodolgies and videos.

Articulate Example 3 – Course Rebuild – IV Therapy

This module was a major content interface to an IV therapy training module. The module was revamped with new narration, navigation, and look and feel. The navigation was changed to be restricted to prevent the learner from skipping content. The module is part of a hybrid course with 8 modules. For this example, once an element is played, the learner can skip around the module.

For this sample project, navigation was changed to be ‘free’ to allow the learner to freely jump around the content. This is a total revision of an earlier version.

Articulate Example 4 – with Embedded Video with Two Allowed Quiz Attempts

This module utilizes repurposed video content from a webinar series. The video content was edited with ShotCut and posted to a Kaltura video server. The video was then embedded in an Articulate module. Typically, video and quiz would be hosted in a lms for tracking. For this module, the quiz and video content were authored for portability between systems.

Articulate Rise Example

This example highlights an independent attendance tracking, evaluation, and continuing certificate delivery project. This was implemented as a stop-gap, when a lms was unavailable to track course completions. The module does not include any assessments.

Articulate Example 4 – Unrestricted Playback

Archived Webinar – Tourniquets & TXA: a trauma case review – March 26, 2021

This archived webinar follows a complex patient care case study that reviewed PreHospital care, hand-off to hospital decision making and surgeries. My role was to organize and edit the different stories into a 90 minute webinar, coordinate an agenda with live panelists and a host, promote the session, manage registration, and live produce the event.