Learning Delivery Projects

EMS CE Connect Learning Management System
Version 2 (EthosCE)

After 6 years growing a learning platform with Saba Cloud, my team chose to do a needs assessment and evaluate other lms plafforms. I led 5 members through the process. We selected EthosCE as a replacement for Saba Cloud. Two features impacted the choice. 1.) for live classes, learners could text their attendance with a short code 2.) the system had a fixed cost with unlimited learner accounts. I led the contract negotiation, design, implementation, content migration, and staff training.

EMS CE Connect Learning Management System Version 1
(Powered by Saba Cloud)

I was hired to help build a distance learning program and to create an enterprise-wide continuing education tracking program for the benefit of 5,500 EMS providers under Centura Health’s medical direction. In addition, the products were to serve as a community benefit to the estimated 19,000 Colorado first responders at no charge.

Webinar Week 2022 – Video and Handout Archive

Since 2018, Centura Health PreHospital Services has hosted a webinar continuing education (CE) series for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Nurses. Typically, these were managed through Saba Cloud. However, the 2022 series was managed through a web app that I developed with Power Automate. The 2022 series had 20 sessions and issued over 9,000 CEs. Each session averaged 450 individuals. This page provides an archive of session handouts and videos. It is for enrichment only. My role was to manage all technical aspects of the program and work with presenters and provide learner support.

Webinar Week Presenter List

Emsblueboard.com – Moodle LMS for HealthONE EMS

My role with HealthONE included

  • Managing the Moodle LMS, including providing customer support and working with instructors
  • Designing marketing materials and campaigns in support of ems programs
  • Scaling web infrastructure to support web systems
  • Managing monthly webinar series, podcasts, online learning development, and simulation recording systems

Partners in Flight – Virtual Field Trip

One of my early professional technology projects was with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. I established the state’s first video streaming platform. The system decreased delays in scheduling and delivering videotapes and enabled my organization to deliver staff development and electronic field trips to thousands. This is a synopsis video of a day-long field trip that celebrated the Centennial of Flight. Five staff worked on the planning and coordination of the project. The event connected schools across the state via video conferencing and streaming and also astronauts at the International Space Station.

StarNet DataCasting Content Management and Edge Project

This technical delivery project streamed 2 channels of video distance learning to the internet. It cataloged and made available 300 hours of teacher professional development via streaming on-demand and created an early prototype of a digital video recorder.

Teleconference Series – Satellite and Stream Delivery

Through a Federal Highways and Department of Transportation grant, The Center for Transportation and Environment at North Carolina State University provided technology transfer education to transportation agencies across the US. I was hired to increase utilization and outreach. We averaged 500 live streams and 200 satellite connections for each session. My contributions included

  • Locating and recommending video production facilities and streaming content delivery networks
  • Initiating an email update list and online discussion board
  • Creating a registration system for lead generation and follow-up
  • Designing and implementing a webcasting interface for online participants
  • Creating a dynamic and searchable on-demand streaming catalog
Webinar interface

DVD Authoring and Fulfillment Project

The Center for Transportation and Environment at North Carolina State University provided access to a catalog of training DVDs. Before the project’s implementation, these were replicated by a duplication house at a high cost of $20 per unit. I authored the DVDs and cut the replication and duplication process by 50 percent by bringing the process in-house.